Our Equipment

Advanced production equipment, our production equipment has undergone strict sanitation treatment and meets hygienic requirements.

Gelatin is classified into edible Gelatin wholesale, pharmaceutical Gelatin, industrial Gelatin, photographic Gelatin, skin glue and bone glue based on raw materials, production methods, and quality of the product.

These products are all we can produce. The quality is guaranteed, welcome to refer to our safety certificate.

Some Laboratory Photos

Advantages of our customized service

Collagen Powder

Our collagen powder is made of both marine animals and plants.

Peptone powder

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Peptone Powder

Pectin Powder

We are producer and exporter of high quality Pectin Powder

Gelatin Sheets

We are one of the famous gelatin sheet, gelatin plastic sheet

Gelatin Powder

 We make and export high-quality beef gelatin powder

Gelatin Capsule

Gelatin Capsule manufactures and supplies empty gelatin capsules

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