Production Process

Production Process

The pre-processing of raw materials for producing gelatins is accomplished through the acid or alkali method, wherein single or compound acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, citric acid and acetic acid are used to treat the raw material. This is followed by destruction of molecular cross linking and fracturing of molecular bonds with weak or strong acids so that the skin dissolves in acidic aqueous solutions; this process is commonly known as the glue extraction method.

1, Preprocessing

The purpose of pretreatment is to prepare the feedstock for the main extraction step and to remove contaminants that may negatively affect the final gelatin product’s physical and chemical properties.

2, The extraction process

Gelatin is extracted from a hydrolyzed mixture, usually performed as a multi-stage process with hot water or dilute acid solution, by boiling the raw skin raw materials in water.

3, Processes for refining and recovering

A refinement and recovery process includes filtration, ion exchange, membrane concentration, and sterilization. These processes mainly absorb heavy metals, such as chrome, lead, mercury, and cadmium, to increase the purity of liquid gelatin.

4, Make the glue solid by cooling and solidifying it.

After liquid gelatin has turned into solid gelatin, sterilize the material under qualified conditions. After that, increase the temperature and dry the strip gelatin. After that, pick up the samples to be tested.

5, The dried gelatin should be ground, ground, and mixed.

Put the dried gelatin into the next line, grind it into 8-mesh particles, and store the particles in the semi-products warehouse one at a time. Test the semi-products in the lab.

6, Process, deploy, grind into powder according to customer needs, then send out.

In order to process the semi-product gelatin according to the customer’s requirements, we mix the order to match the required viscosity, bloom, crush the 8mesh gelatin granules into 40mesh gelatin powder, and pack it into pallets. Lastly, load the cargo into a truck and deliver it to the buyer’s warehouse.

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