Gelatin Capsule Factory

If you are in the market for a gelatin capsule factory, there are a few things you should know. A gelatin capsule is a type of pharmaceutical drug delivery system. It is composed of two parts: an inner core made of a semipermeable membrane that contains the active ingredient(s), and an outer shell made of hard gelatin.The manufacturing process of gelatin capsules involves several steps, including cleaning and sterilization of the equipment, preparation of the capsules filling material, filling of the capsules, and final inspection. The process is typically completed in an automated fashion with little to no human intervention. Gelatin capsules are used to deliver various types of drugs, including oral medications, powders, liquids, and even solid implants. They offer a number of advantages over other drug delivery systems, such as improved bioavailability, better patient compliance (due to ease of administration), and reduced cost.