100% Fish Gelatin Marine Gelatin

Certification: ISO, FDA, Halal
Appearance: Granule, Powder
Packaging Material: Waterproof Poly Bag & Kraft Paper Bag
Storage Method: Normal
Shelf Life: >12 Months
Resource: Natural

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eg: I need spot gelatin 500kg; Spot collagen 1000kg; Spot peptone 500kg;
Small bag packaging is required, and it needs to be packaged according to our design artwork.

Product Description

Raw Material:Animal Bone or Skin, Like Cow, Pig, Fish etc.

Application:Candy, Marshmarrow, Soft Sweets, Bakery, Jelly etc

Smell:Odorless, Unflavored, Natural

Appereance:Offwhite or Light Yellow Powder or Granules

Jelly Strength:80~300bloom

Transport Package:Inside Waterproof Poly Bag & Outer Poly Woven Bag



Origin:Fujian, China

HS Code:3503001001

Production Capacity:3500tons/Year